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Co Curricular Activites


Music is a crucial element of what St Peter's has to offer.

We take pride in our ability to offer all students within the school an enriched programme in relation to Music curriculum requirements. St Peter's utilises the skills of Music Specialists in planning and delivering vigorous learning experiences, developing essential skills in performing, composing and appreciating music of a wide variety of genres. 

Our co-curricula offerings in relation to Music are incredibly vast and unique. These opportunities allow students to further build upon their classroom knowledge and skills, and develop the skills to work collaboratively with others. Participating in these groups is a highly rewarding opportunity as students share their love of Music with each other.

St Peter's additionally offers a range of peripatetic tutors in the areas of Strings, Voice, Piano and Guitar. Tutorials are offered within school hours, on a weekly rotational basis. 


Keep Exploring


St Peter’s provides every child with the opportunity to participate in sport and to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and the ideals of fair play.

St Peter’s employs an experienced P.E. specialist teacher to coordinate the development of all facets of the school’s P.E. and sporting programme. The school offers comprehensive sporting opportunities including gymnastics classes and swimming classes.

Students in Kindergarten - Year 2 are involved in a skills-based sport programme which aims to build fundamental movement skills. Students in Years 3 - 6 focus on demonstrating an understanding of movement skills, concepts and strategies to respond confidently and competently in a variety of physical activity contexts.

Students may be selected to compete at major sporting carnivals conducted by IPSHA. IPSHA (The Independent Primary School Heads of Australia) is an organisation which provides professional support for teachers and their students. They facilitate opportunities for children who attend independent primary schools to compete against each other in a range of sports. They provide opportunities for selection to compete at CIS (Combined Independent Schools) and ultimately State PSSA and National level in swimming, athletics and cross-country. There are also opportunities for students who play sport at a representative level outside of school to trial for various sports including football, rugby, gymnastics and hockey.

From Year 3 students are involved in either school-based sports programmes or representative competitions in Summer and Winter. St Peter’s is involved in IPSSO (Independent Primary Schools Sporting Organisation) representative school competition throughout the year. The school fields highly competitive teams in soccer, netball, AFL and volley ball during Winter sports. In the Summer, the school fields teams in cricket, basketball, soccer and oztag.

IPSSO operates in two pools – a Northern Pool and Southern Pool. St Peter’s is affiliated with the Southern Pool and plays competitive matches each Wednesday against Broughton Anglican, Macarthur Anglican, Wollondilly Anglican, Oran Park Anglican, St Gregory's College and Mount Annan Christian College.

Football Development League

The St Peter’s Football Development League (FDL) endeavours to assist students in building skills and a passion for football (soccer). We engage qualified external providers to deliver coaching sessions under the supervision of St Peter’s staff.

FDL occurs during Terms 2 & 3 on Wednesday afternoons between 3:20 pm - 4:20 pm. The League operates in six week blocks with students committing to all six sessions during the Term. Separate age groups are offered to best cater for student needs and ability.

Online registrations for the FDL open in early Term 2 and Term 3. All placements are billed through Campbelltown Anglican Schools' Council. Places are limited and are filled on a first in, first served basis.


Outdoor Education

A progressive camping program is an integral part of the Primary experience at St Peter’s.

Students from Years 1 - 6 attend camps ranging from one day to four days. Our programmes are developed in conjunction with Crusader’s Summit Educational Camps and serve a variety of purposes. Camps allow students to undertake activities and experiences which cannot be completed in a classroom. They also provide students with the opportunity to learn to live with others in a close environment, undertake and conquer new challenges, develop teamwork skills, get to know each other and their teachers on a different level and develop greater independence. Central to all St. Peter's camps is the opportunity for students to engage with the Bible and hear the good news of Jesus.

Students in Years 1 and 2 have a ‘day camp’ at school where they participate in variety of activities including arts and craft, sport and team building games. This fun filled day introduces students to the style of camps they will experience in future years.

Year 3 students attend a day camp at Wedderburn where they undertake activities such as bush walking, bike riding and archery. The experience continues as students return to school to share a meal together and experience a sleep over within the classrooms. The aim of this camp is to help prepare students for the Outdoor Education Programme undertaken from Year 4 onwards and get used to sleeping overnight away from home.

Camps in Years 4 - 6 foster a different style of learning, as students and teachers spend a number of days together sharing resources and realising the importance of considering the needs of others. Programmes offer team-building, leadership and 'challenge by choice' activities such as abseiling, canoeing, archery, orienteering and even an opportunity to play in the snow. They enjoy experiences at scenic locations such as Lake Macquarie, Galston, Toukley, Canberra and Jindabyne.

We acknowledge that camp can be a big deal for both students and parents. Some things that you can do to assist your child are: 1. Be positive. Encourage your child that they will have a great time and it’s important for their developing independence. 2. Get them to help pack their suitcase and practise how to roll up a sleeping bag. Remember that we are all providing guidance for their future, fostering growing independence and confidence.

Please refer to our Camping Programme FAQ sheet for further information.

Co Curricular Activities

There are numerous co-curricular activities offered at St Peter’s. Interested students have many avenues to pursue specific gifts and interests outside of the classroom.


  • Choir
  • Band
  • Strings
  • Stomp
  • African Drumming
  • Dance
  • M&M's


  • French and German (Kindergarten – Year 2 rotating)
  • German (Years 3 – 6 Extension)

Public Speaking and Debating

All children from Year 3 are involved in Public Speaking.

  • St. Peter’s Public Speaking Competition (Years 4 – 6)
  • IPSHA (Independent Primary Schools) Debating Competition (Years 5 – 6)


St Peter’s competes in many competitions:

  • NSW Chess League Competition
  • NSW Da Vinci Decathlon

Other Activities

  • Crusaders @ Lunchtime (Years 2-3), (Years 4-5)
  • Year 6 Breakfast Club
  • Robotics
  • Chess
  • Art Club
  • Lego Club
  • Knitting Club
  • Gardening

Private Tutors

A variety of peripatetic tutors are approved to provide tuition during school hours in the following areas:

Piano (K –Year 6)
Cello (Years 2–6)
Violin (Years K–6)
Guitar (Years K–6)
Singing (Year K–6)

Private music lessons are conducted on a rotational roster to ensure students do not miss consecutive classroom lessons during a term, where possible.

Please note that these tutors have been approved to provide lessons in our school, however, they are not employees of our school. If your child/ren are interested in pursuing lessons with any of our peripatetic tutors, please contact them directly to discuss this further.

Piano Tutors
Jiann Bekes | 0411 300 560 | 4625 8290 |
Koula Johnson | 0405 680 028 |
Samira Dib | 0418 248 239

Guitar Tutor
Daniel Myer | 0439 716 734 |

Vocal Tutor
Francesca Olson | Mobile: 0413 942 632 |

Cello Tutor
Samira Dib | 0418 248 239


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